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Article number: RO-1003125

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ROGGE DUO Clean Original
Set of 3, 250ml screen cleaner + 2 ROGGE Prof. microfibre cloths(6)

ROGGE ScreenCleaner 3 + 6 Prof. microfibre cloths


  • streak-free cleaning * ROGGE Prof. microfibre cloth washable up to 95 degrees. Wash up to 180x without loss of quality. ROGGE Screen Cleaner is ideal for cleaning all smooth and highly sensitive smooth surfaces and displays such as. from: iPhone, iPad, iMac, LED, LCD, TFT, plasma, laptop, notebook, TV, touch screens, other smartphones and tablets etc.
    biodegradable, streak-free cleaning
    without alcohol, with antistatic, FSC packaging Made in Germany
    Display manufacturer tested.... with "very good"
    ROGGE "the original since 1998". Trust pays off. We thank our customers

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