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ROGGE 25 Jahre

25 Jahre
ROGGE Screen Cleaner

01.10.1998 - 01.10.2023

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+++ Worldwide +++

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No more dust, dirt, fingerprints

and other impurities on your display!

Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide are from

ROGGE Screen Clean and its cleaning products

enthusiastic since 1998.


German Digital Award
Gold & Bronze Winners

ROGGE & Cheil Germany
win with The Smudgy Screen AD

SILVER at one of the oldest & most prestigious award festivals on the planet:
ADC 95th Annual Awards / New York

Cleaning the screen: that's how it's done

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Welcome to ROGGE Screen Clean International

ROGGE is specialized in making professional cleaning and conditioning solutions for sensitive surfaces.


All ROGGE products have been Engineered and Made in Germany since 1998.

Leading TV, computer and phone screen manufactures officially approve and

recommend screen cleaning products made by ROGGE.


ROGGE DUO Clean Original !!

Entry Title: The Smudgy Screen Ad
Category: Online Advertising: Rich Media
Award Level: Bronze and People's Lovie Winner

Bronze & People's Lovie for our joint campaign - clean job!!

No more dirty displays!

You have the opportunity to test here. Is your screen dirty?
Very easily, .......

Click on the picture , test, click & order .

The Smudgy Screen AD.

The new Case Film for ROG


The new advertising trailer from ROGGE is available.


winners of

Annual Multimedia Awards 2016.


It's the Triple!
Silver for the Lufthansa City Navigator
ROGGE Smudgy Screen Ad & Samsung's NX Scene!

Clear view,
for sharp images

ROGGE ® Screen Cleaner

The original since 1998



Original since 1998

Congratulations, respect, SUPER
Achievements like you've rarely seen!

In February 2007, the ROGGE display cleaning products were listed on Amazon for the first time.

Looking back on 15 years of successful action, we and our "ROGGE - TEAM" would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, business partners and AMAZON for the pleasant and trusting cooperation.

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